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The most difficult sense for me to lose would be my eyesight. Everything I love, other than music, I need my sight in order to enjoy. I would never be able to look at my daughter’s beautiful face again and I would never be able to accomplish my dream of becoming a well-known designer. In addition, my photography hobby would over. It is hard for me to imagine what I would be able to do without my sight.

I woke up one morning and immediately panicked. I could not open my eyes! I screamed as I reached my hands up to feel my eyes. There were no bandages, and I could feel that my eyes were open. I sat up and fumbled towards where my nightstand should have been. I missed the nightstand and fell onto the floor. With my arms outstretched, I felt along the side of my bed until I felt the nightstand. I fumbled around for a few more seconds until I located the phone. I called 911 and the operator stated that there was an ambulance on the way.

When the doctor explained to me that, I would be blind for the rest of my life, my entire world shattered.  I kept thinking about all of the things I would either never be able to do again or have to learn how to do all over. Life for me after that was difficult for a while. It has been a long time but with the help of my new Seeing Eye dog, I am living on my own again.

If I could not feel heat, cold, or pressure I would be living in a very dangerous world. I work around open fryers and stoves all day. If I could not feel heat and I placed my hand on a hot tray I could be injured and not even realize it. The same thing also goes for if I could not feel cold. I live in the northeast and winter out here can be rather cold. If I go outside to make snow angels, I could fall asleep in the snow and freeze to death! Living without the sense of pressure would mean that you would not be able to feel if you were touching someone or something, or if they are touching you. The same risks pose themselves here as they do with not being able to feel warm or cold. I would have to be very cautious at all times and extremely aware of my surroundings. I think I would constantly be worried that something might happen to me, and I would not know it. I might carry a thermometer gauge on me so I know what precautions to take, and I would stay away from heavy machinery.

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